Wednesday, March 17

My First Favorite Song of BIG BANG :)

i've heard this name in 2009. My friend told me and suggest me to download this video.

well. first, it sounds so weird. i really didnt like it. bleh!
and then i keep listening that song, and now, it is my favorite! :)

and finally i know, behind the cheerful music there was a sadness :(
oh gosh! this song actually a sad song (according to the lyric)
hmmm. BB's AWESOME. lol.

here's the translation of the lyric :'(

[TOP] let's go
[GD] yezzir (haha)
[TOP] we're back again with lee mun sae
[GD] that's right, fresh collaboration
[TOP] 2008
[GD] it's BIG BANG (yea, yea, whassup)

[TOP] dear do you know, i really miss you right now
i wipe off tears with my head down, i call your name
[YB] did you really have to leave me like this
[TOP] my head hurts when i think about you, (you're) like really strong alcohol

[GD] would it be just alcohol? you are a sickness. i lie down everyday, how many times has it been?
i will forget for a bit tomorrow then i will think (of you) again day after tomorrow
what can i do, my love is still valid
i believe that you will come back, i wait for you only

i love you, (i love you girl), you are the world to me
i scream out loud but only the answerless sunset continues to burn

[TOP] if you are feeling sorry (or) afraid of seeing my face
girl don't worry, if it's you, i feel strong
[SR] your face that i miss looks like that sunset glow thus i feel sadder

[DS] oh baby baby please don't forget about all of past times, memories we shared
[YB] i will run to you anytime if you call me silently with your eyes closed
[GD] every day, every night i need you

Repeat Chorus

[GD] (Ta- take it to the bridge)
[DS] i won't be able to see your beautiful visage anymore
[YB] but i have no regret, just burn bright so i can just gaze (at you)

ah- ah- ah- ah- ah- ah- ah- ah

[GD] (let's go,)

ah- ah- ah- ah- ah- ah- ah- ah

yea yea, sing it together, come on)
[TOP] the sun rises, the sun sets, (ah- ah- ah- ah- ah- ah- ah- ah) i become saddened by the sunset glow
the moon rises, the moon sets, i become dull too, as time passes by

[GD] the sun rises, the sun sets, i become saddened by the sunset glow
the moon rises, the moon sets, memories of you become dull too

Repeat Chorus x2

[GD] (once again, let's go, yea yea
know who? BIG BANG)

ah- ah- ah- ah-

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