Thursday, April 15


selesai semua selesai!

14 april 2009. Ujian Akhir Sekolah diakhiri. it's not so frustating as i though XD
dan mulai detik ini, aku memikirkan suatu hal *sepertinya lebih dari satu*. malam perpisahan, kebaya, jilbab, higheels. thats the only things that makes me feel sooo frustated. well, im not going to write those stuffs here T^T

im going to tell what i gonna do in my looooooooong 'holiday' . long~ so long~
well i have a lot of dvds, not mine. its my sunbae's.
aigooo~ few days ago, two days before UAS, I & my friend, yanti, went to our sunbae's house. and you should know, HE HAS A LOT OF DVD, MAGAZINEs!
i was crazy about his & his sister's collections. seems like he gonna open a BIG SALE! rrawwrr
from korea to taiwan! omg! i really adore their collections. ckckck

well. at least, i borrowed 11 or 12 dvds.
there are some dramas, japanese and korean dramas, and some music show such as MBC Gayo Daejun, SBS IDOL SHOW, DREAM CONCERT.
i was thinking about add some dvds, but then i remember that i didnt bring my bag, i should brought my backpack instead! i put those dvds in my motor's trunk! ohhh MUAT!!! kkkkk

then the most dramatic problem coming~
then i looked at 1 japanese drama,, hmmm seems like i have seen it before~ yeah, in a magazine! then i decided to watch it first!
the title is MEI-CHAN NO SHITSUJI means Mei's Butler. pertamanya, I REALLY LOVE THE COVER, a lot of actor & actress! LIKE IT! and i though that it's a funny movie like what the owner said. lol XDD

and i love the story since the first episode!
it's INSPIRING! kkkkkkk

you can see more about this film on Dramawiki. i force you to watch this drama!

and now im currently watching HOMELESS. its another japanese drama. yanti said that it's good! so i watch it.
and yes it is! it's so good :) and funny. there were alot of unexpected things happened in that drama. LOL
but i havent finished it yet =="

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