Thursday, August 19

i care and i miss you

well, cuma mau share 1 lagu slow dari Simple Plan.
sebuah lagu yang benar-benar ngegambarin perasaanku saat ini, meski lagu nya ngga sepenuhnya bisa di implementasikan ke dalam cerita hidup saya. LOL
lagu ini judulnya 'I MISS YOU'. udah jelas banget kan lagu ini ngegambarin tentang apa... hohoho

ini dia liriknya yang aku copy dari lyrics007


to see you when i wake up is a gift
i didn't think could be real
to know that you feel the same as i do
is a three fold utopian dream
you do something to me that i can't explain
so would i be out of line if i said
i miss you

i see your picture
i smell your skin on the empty pillow next to mine
you have only been gone 10 days
but already im wasting away
i know i'll see you again
whether far or soon
but i need you to know
that i care
and i miss you 

mau download? silahkan disedot 

happy listen :D

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