Friday, February 24



I'm still awake. I'm missing her, one of my best-friends ever. I wanna call her, but she wouldn't reply. I wanna share stories with her, how we, her friends in Samarinda, doing our lifes. Would she listen to me? Could she hear me?

She's in another world, closer to heaven. A place that deserves her, a better place than where we are living right now. She went there, first...

She had gone. Gone, she is not coming back again, but not forgotten.

She hated being lonely. But is she alone there? She went by her own, no one accompanied her. Doesn't she feel lonely?

I'm saying these, because she left me, she left us, her friends.. and we are really lost. I even feel lonely, like doing all by myself. I'm losing a part of me.

We used to share our stories, talk about the past and imagine what tomorrow would bring, had different opinions, teasing each other, fighting for nothing!

Our last conversation on twitter, was about the boys we liked in highschool! Man, I couldn't believe that we still remember it, and re-acted just like in the past! You still got mad when I was bringing the boy you hated (or love crazily) up. Man, that was over 2 years, and you still!!!!.... ough!!!

When I heard what happened with her, it was like that news was a pill that I should swallow. Bitter..

I really couldn't believe it, I wished it was another girl, with the same name as her. I spent my whole day crying, remembering all the memories. It was like everything around me reminded me to you, my beautiful friend!

Now you are gone.. Only the pictures keep your smile, and the videos keep your voice with us, your amazing voice. I actually really miss when you called me in the morning at school... that sounds really hateful, but that was the thing I miss the most from you.

We always fought.. fought and fought.. fighting for nothing.

But after that, we laughed, we laughed so hard, baby!

So hard that I can still hear your laughing :')

and I realize that, right now, you are smiling and laughing quietly, there... somewhere only God knows.

It's not more than two years in highschool, until we graduated, and moved to other city to reach our own dreams. But you already have a place of my heart, hundred pages of my lifestory-book, much liters of my tears.

You are my bestfriend.

Forever, and ever.

To you, Wardatina.

In the better place than mine.

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