Sunday, April 8

Instagram. Madness.

Well yeah, who doesn't know Instagram today? *not to mention my parents and other parents*
This "special" application which actually made for iOS only, now spreads its wings to Android!
It's only been four or five days ago that they released the Instagram for Android OS, and now we can really feel the effect! EVERYONE IS IN INSTAGRAM NOW!

I cannot really understand what is so special about Instagram, because I think there is another application that even makes more sense! is it only because it was ONLY for iOS-based stuff??
As I know, until today, many people started to edit and upload their pictures to Instagram, BAD OR GOOD! including me, yeah -___-

Well, I may be not so into art, so I can't decide whether a picture is good or bad by the art side. I follow my mind, my own point-of-view about this phenomenon. What is the point of uploading images that doesn't even good, nor have any story behind it? PEOPLE SHOULD REALLY BANG THEIR HEAD! *hittin' my head against the Computer*

and since FREEDOM is being anyone's reason, IT IS OKAY NOWADAYS.
yeah, I do respect you. your freedom. your life.
but can we give this world some meanings?
Please, upload picture that has meaning, or story. It is still okay if you tell us the story in the caption.

Sincerely, one-of-instagram-users.

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